Pioneers of the Planet

Episode 10, Neth Dano

Neth Dano from Third World Network has tirelessly championed the rights of communities and farmers on the international stage at the UN. Neth tells us about how her journey as an activist has taken her from the urban landscape of Manila to the rural farmlands of the Philippines; she recounts some of the risks of being an activist during her student days; and reminds us of why we all need to keep up the fight for a more socially equitable world….

Episode 9, Achim Steiner

For the head of UNEP, Achim Steiner, it is either ‘ignorance or complacency that prevents us from taking action’ to tackle the multiple crises that our world faces. In this one-on-one conversation with Richard Black we gain an insight into Achim’s experiences, motivations and hopes for the future. From riding horses in Brazil to his vision of a ‘Green New Deal’, you can hear more about the life and unfinished business of Achim Steiner by clicking below …

Episode 8, Lucy Mulenkei

In today's edition of Pioneers, Armando Canchanya spends some time with Lucy Mulenkei, a key environmental figure in Africa. She has struggled to gain goverments' attention on indigenous issues, and to help public awareness of human rights. She has also used her optimism to advocate for sustainable development...

Episode 7, Cary Fowler

Cary Fowler, Executive Director of the Global Crop Diversity Crop Trust, has made it his mission to safeguard the future of agricultural diversity – no small feat then. Hear of how Cary’s journey started during summers spent at his grandmother’s farm in Tennessee, took him via the Food and Agricultural Organisation in Rome and finally to Norway where he has helped establish a global seed bank. To find out more on why seed banks might hold the secret to our survival on this planet just listen to our interview…

Episode 6, Kartikeya Sarabhai

Catherine Karong'o welcomes world-renowned environmentalist Kartikeya Sarabhai to the studio. As the Director of the Centre for Environmental Education, Kartikeya explains how the challenege of sustainable development may be won or lost in the classrooms and provides a little insight into where his passion for the planet first began. Why did the London Times prompt a radical shift in his career path? How is India responding to global environmental concerns? And why change cannot come about as a result of policy or science alone…

Episode 5, Barbara Bramble

Madhyama Subramanian sits down with Barbara Bramble, Senior Program Advisor at the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). Barbara takes us back through time to discuss the ebbs and flows of environmental movement in the US; from Earth Day back in 1970, to the outcry at the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska and the wildfires in Yellowstone National Park in the late 1980’s, she explains that too often it takes a tragedy to concentrate the minds of policy makers. Comparing the Obama administration with that of Jimmy Carter's time in office, Barbara also explains what we can expect from the US in the run up to the Copenhagen climate change negotiations….

Episode 4, Sheila Oparaocha

Merim Tenev sits down with Sheila Oparaocha, the Secretariat Coordinator for the International ENERGIA Network on Gender and Sustainability. Tune in as they chat about issues related to Africa, women's rights, and sustainable development.

Episode 3, Tariq Banuri

In this episode of Pioneers of the Planet, Madhyama Subramanian speaks with Dr Tariq Banuri, Director, UN Division on Sustainable Development. Dr Banuri spoke about his ideas of justice, his beliefs about working together with various stakeholders and most of all, his enduring optimism about a more sustainable future on our planet.

Episode 2, Ahmed Djoghlaf

On Pioneers of the Planet, Madhyama Subramanian sits down in our studios with Dr. Ahmed Djoghlaf, Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, to talk about his work.

Episode 1, Nnimmo Bassey

In our first episode of the series Catherine Karong'o sits down with Nnimmo Bassey, an environmental activist and Chair of Friends of the Earth International to learn more about his campaigning, his poetry and his hopes.